miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Hello! And here I thought this blog was done! Well, it is, mostly, but it is a nice and safe place to post about this without bothering all the non religious members of the boards.
Anyways, I'm still on the middle of the crisis that started it all, although I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. We've found a nice church to attend on sundays, although we still struggle with actually going. The latest plan is to leave Fede with my parents and try to get Julia to fall asleep (she still refuses to stay with others other than DH and me) before the mass so we can actually concentrate on what is going on vs. chasing two toddlers. Not to mention to actually make room on the weekend schedule for mass... (sigh!)
I suppose I still have a long way to go, but I am taking baby steps.
During this time I realized that although I have been praying almost daily, I haven't been teaching my kids to pray, or even the existence of God. I bought Fede a kid's bible about a year ago, but he doesn't have the attention span for the stories, and instead looses concentration and starts commenting on the animals and people on the pictures. It's really frustrating!!!
And when on prayer, I get the feeling he doesn't understand what we are doing, and I can't find a way to explain to a 3 year old about Someone he can't see.
How are you handling this with your little ones?

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  1. This is a topic that is so close to my heart! I absolutely love teaching my kids about the Lord, and we began from the time they were tiny, tiny babies. We pray before bed every night, and it has become a very special time for us. I ask them what they would like to pray for, and then I pray out loud. I've taught them since the beginning that God wants to hear everything that is on their hearts. Nothing is too small or too silly. We end up praying for some very funny things at times!

    As for the Bible, at age three I think it is totally okay for Fede to want to talk about what he sees rather than the stories themselves. I would concentrate on helping him to love his Bible and to feel comfortable holding it and talking about it. Make it a close, cuddly time. You can even tell him that God gave him and Julia to you, and they are the best gifts in the world! Make it part of your routine. Charlotte is only two, but we tell her all the time that God made her, and He made her just right.

    In our family, we don't divide "religion" from life. Loving Jesus and seeing God in the world is part of our daily conversation, so there isn't a "weird" feeling about discussing such things any more. Maybe try to just bring up little things on walks or when you see something beautiful or interesting in a book or on TV. I think "God created everything" is a great place to start with small children.

    As for chasing toddlers in church...I totally get it!!! It's hard and tiring! We keep our kids with us, but if you aren't ready for that, that's okay. Find special times when you can bring them into the church when mass isn't in session so that it becomes a familiar and comfortable place.

    I love that you are asking this and thinking how to make faith a bigger part of your family life. That's great! Try to enjoy it. :) ~Erica from WTTG