jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

  I am so happy this is happening! Who would have thought that such a whiny post would end in this?  
  Even Mati surprised me yesterday driving to our church to check the Mass schedule! He said that from  now on we'll make the effort of going together, every weekend. We'll leave the kids with grandparents and go... It seems amazing to me that what I wanted just happened, no arguments or awkward talks!
  And this is the next step, I think. Part of living a mature faith is to be brave enough to read God's words and truly listen to what he is telling you. The idea is to post a certain Bible text, then we can comment what those particular words mean for us at the time.
  Let's remember, this is not a place to start heated debates. I am sure there will be times when our different backgrounds and personal feelings will conflict. I think when that happens, the best will be to accept that others can have a very different idea and just move on.
  No matter if we are catholic or protestant, you know what Jesus said "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them"(Mt. 18, 20). If we start this journey with respect and love I think only good things will come out.

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